Advanced Awarness

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Advanced Awarness


This two day course is designed for avid backcountry users and people who have already taken a Level 1 and who want to expand on their knowledge while putting it to practical use


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The people talked and we listened! This revolutionary two day course is geared towards more advanced backcountry users and is designed to expand on your skill set while planning and traveling into unfamiliar backcountry terrain. This course was designed to fill a gap within the current offerings of the avalanche education world. The 2 day Advanced Awareness course walks students through the process of how to properly gather data, scout new areas, make informed decisions based on the information at hand and execute a well planned and safe tour. 

This course was put together with friends, crews and teams in mind. Designed to help your backcountry crew go further, make better decisions and travel safely and efficiently into new terrain.

Course flow:

First Night

·      Meet and greet, show up whenever you can, I will be there early afternoon

·      Beers, BBQ and Gear check

·      Informal review


Day One:

·      AM Classroom session

o   Overview of course goals

o   Importance of decision making, planning and communication

o   Weather and the Mountain Snowpack

o   Gathering observations and data

o    Identifying avalanche terrain and moving through it

o   Rescue Talk

o   Plan for the afternoon

·      PM field session/Recon mission

o   Trail head check

o   Rescue scenarios

o   Going into unfamiliar terrain and gather info on snow

o   Scouting zones for the next day

·      PM Classroom Session

o   Compiling information on snow/terrain

o   Planning and mapping based on info gathered that day

o   Making a plan for the upcoming day

o   Risks of going deeper? Are we prepared?

o   Emergency plan

·      Review of the Day

o   Were day goals covered?

o   What did we do right? What could be improved?

Day Two

·      Morning meeting

o   Whats todays weather? Do we need to alter the plan?

o   Individual roles with the group

o   Goals for the day

·      All day Field Session

o   Following our plan and executing a successful tour

o   Gathering data and obs as we travel

o   Travel as a team

o   Decide as a team

o   Work on backcountry logistics based on terrain/weather

·      Course Close

o   Where do we go from here?

o   Were our goals achieved?

o   Teacher evaluation

This course is held in Mineral, CA and Lassen National Park. Class room sessions will be in Mineral, while field based time will be in Lassen National Park. Course costs include housing for two nights, course material, use of avalanche rescue gear, snow study equipment and more!